I mentioned many of these tools in the Smart Passive Income Podcast episode 153. Take a listen for more on how we use these tools to edit the AskPat Podcast.

Editing Tools

Reaper is my preferred audio editor.

Audacity is an excellent free option.

Screenflow is what I use to make tutorial videos. Examples of videos I've made here and here (2–8).

Learn to use Reaper with this excellent Lynda.com tutorial.

Tip: Searching YouTube is the fastest way to learn new techniques and solve problems with these tools, particularly with Screenflow. I'm also devoted to Lynda.com.

Work Faster


I use Spotlight on my Mac constantly. I never navigate for files, I just hit Command+Space Bar. Here's what you can do with Spotlight. I also use it for basic math calculations.

I have a Dropbox pro account, which is great, except that my laptop's disc is much smaller than 1TB. Using their Selective Sync feature keeps me from running out of space.

Along with Dropbox, I rely on Hazel to keep my files neat and tidy. I have a recipe to automatically delete downloads after seven days, as well as one to move incoming audio files from clients.


Don't type the same phrases over and over—use a text expander instead. I use Text Expander; when I had a PC I used Texter.

Back up your files, fool! Backblaze is inexpensive and dead simple to use. It has saved me from lost file heartache.

The book The Checklist Manifesto codified my love of checklists. TickTick is my favorite online checklist tool—their app is more powerful than their webapp, but I use both.

Analog Tools

I never leave home without my Lamy AL Star fountain pen. One ink refill lasts about a week.

I hate marker highlighters but I love dry highlighters. They are super-powered colored pencils—highlight without marker bleed. The only store I can find them in is a bible supply shop.


The other thing I never leave home without: Dior Addict Lip Glow. Before I found this, I'd never used up a lipstick. I just finished my third.

Every time I walk out the door, I say the following out loud: wallet–keys–phone. Repeat the phrase, check the pockets, and I'm set to go.