I intended, with the last post, to discuss Rework, the wonderful book by the gentlemen over at 37 Signals, but of course I got completely sidetracked. While much has happened in the two weeks since I finished Rework, I don't want to let it go without comment.

This is one of those fabulous books like Steven Pressfield's The War of Art in a few ways: it's a quick read; it's inspiring in that kick-in-the-pants, no excuses way; and it's filled with maxims, delicious little nuggets to write down and repeat until they penetrate my thick skull.


If I could distill my career cravings into a single work, it would sound exactly as they write in the book. The virtues they preach are the ones I'm striving to embrace with More Time To Write, the NerdKicks Podcast, and all my projects: work hard to create quality, meaningful projects; stay focused on serving the core principle of the project; out-teach your competition; and always, always move forward.

Of the four dozen nuggets of wisdom I captured, these are the two maxims I most will embrace (and most fit my Finishing theme):

  • Focus on quick wins: Momentum fuels motivation. The longer something takes, the less likely it is I'll finish it, so I must learn to break projects down into tiny decisions. Each little decision is a win that will propel me forward.
  • Out-teach the competition: Sharing valuable information is the best way to build a deeper connection with my audience.

Quick wins have the lovely effect of building that kinetic energy I discussed earlier, and I'm doing my best to find ways of building little successes and finishes into my day.

The latest personal projects finished:

  • I recorded a screencast and published a Google Alerts tutorial over on the More Time To Write blog
  • I edited the latest episode of the NerdKicks Podcast
  • I created a Projects page for this site
  • I published this blog post