NerdKicks Update #1: What the Heck Is a NerdKick?

It's time to introduce you to NerdKicks! And that calls for....wait for it...a Kermit flail!


Thanks! I feel calm now. Perhaps you've seen mention of NerdKicks on my Twitter feed over the last month, and maybe you've signed up for our mailing list (please sign up for our mailing list!). Matt and I are in the process of putting this project together, and although it's not ready yet, I'm too excited to keep it to myself!


Meet Matt

First of all, let me introduce Matt Gartland! We met last summer over at the Accidental Creative. As the editorial director, it was his job to accept my nervous, scattered writing attempts, not throw his hands up in frustration, and teach me how to make them readable. Poor dear! In the process, we bonded over our nerdy love of Harry Potter, British television and movies, and epic book series.

Matt recently launched his own editing business, Winning Edits, with targeted advice for indie authors. The monthly newsletter will knock your socks off! You'll be amazed at how much advice this guy gives away for free! And then, about five minutes later, you'll notice your feet are cold.

"That's odd," you'll think. "I swear I was wearing socks before I read the Winning Edits DIY Book Development Dispatch. Why didn't someone warn me I'd lose my socks in this transaction?"

Look, don't complain to me! Lost socks are a small price to pay for stellar writing advice! I also hear the @WinningEdits Twitter feed is amazing.*


What the heck is a NerdKick?

When Matt and I met up over the Christmas holiday, we got to discussing his idea for a nerd leadership project. At this point I subjected him to my long, nerdy rant about why I love sidekicks just as much, if not more than, heroes. Leaders don't exist in a vacuum; they must have followers, and the sidekick is the most important follower. Not only does the sidekick legitimize the hero's idea, the sidekick is often crucial in the implementation of the idea.

A good sidekick is almost always a nerd, a person willing to do the research, to put in long hours in the library in a search for the obscure bit of information that unlocks the mystery. Where would Harry have been without Hermione? He wouldn't have lived through his first year at Hogwarts. I'm always drawn to the nerds: Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hermione, R2D2, Commissioner Gordon, Abed on Community, Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds.

Matt did what a good editor does: he listened to my long-winded rant and distilled it down to a single concept: NerdKicks. A nerdkick is the nerdy sidekick whose hard work continually allows the hero to shine: the engineer that builds the space shuttle so the astronaut can orbit the Earth, the analyst whose reports guide corporate strategy, the editor who makes your writing sparkle.

I am a nerdkick. I bet you are too.


What's Next?

NerdKicks will revolve around the podcast, which we are in the process of putting together (we ran our initial test recording on Monday). We'll tackle leadership topics from the nerd's perspective; data-driven and over-analyzed, with a healthy infusion of humor and play.

All of this will take place over at I'll be keeping you up to date on our pre-launch progress here. For now, the best way to help us out is by joining our mailing list.

Next time: The NerdKicks logo, and why I should not become a graphic designer.


*I may or may not run the @WinningEdits Twitter feed. I'll never tell.