Catching Up

It's been a while since we last checked in, hasn't it? Let's change that! My life's been on shuffle since I last wrote to you.

NerdKicks is not only up and running, it's 20+ episodes strong! Gosh, I'm proud of it. Matt and I have put out some killer shows with fascinating nerds. I'm learning buckets about the arts of collaboration and interviewing. Do you know someone we should interview? Email us!

I quit my day job at The Hub, a company I love very much, to start my own gig, More Time To Write. I'm putting my natural sidekick skills to work in virtual assisting, so if you know any writers, bloggers, or podcasters struggling with the administrative tasks that tagged along with their success, send them my way! I'll take good care of them.


I moved home to Minnesota after six years in Philadelphia, and I'm so happy to be back. I fit the rhythms here. Best of all, I get to spend proper time with my little family. Two visits per year wasn't enough.

I'm not getting married anymore. I'm learning so much about myself.

The best side effect from all these crazy changes is that I've started making things again (in addition to the podcast). That's for tomorrow's a few moving boxes and a can of spray paint got me unstuck.

So that's my last six months in a nutshell! How are you? Any big changes lately? Hit me up below or that other place I live.