Podcast Recommendations: Exploring the Creative Process, Part II

When we last met, we examined three comedy podcasts that delve into the creative podcast. I'll continue today with four non-comedy podcasts that similarly explore creativity.

First, two in the craft genre. Non-crafters, there is some good small business/side business advice to be found here.

Craftcast with Alison Lee

All crafters and small business owners need to listen to this show. Alison alternates her interviews between higher level discussions on running creative businesses and in-depth explorations of a particular craft. On more than one occasion I've thought "I have no interest in this craft," only to find that Alison's interviews stick in my head—and two months later I'm stocking up at the craft store.

Here are a few recent interviews that struck my fancy include Holly Becker from Decor8Michelle Ward, the When I Grow Up coach; and Jo Packham, who discusses the changing industry of craft book publishing.

Bonus points: she interviewed Todd Henry from the Accidental Creative, whose podcast appears at the end of this list. Get introduced to two great podcasters at once!

CraftyPod with Sister Diane

This is another podcast for the crafters and small business owners in the crowd. The podcast officially ended in July, but Sister Diane is planning to bring it back in some sort of subscription basis (details not yet determined).

Regardless, the back catalog is an excellent resource for inspiration on running a sustainable creative small business. I particularly enjoyed this episode:

Episode #87: Creative Cross-Pollination with Margaret Roach: Get some fascinating insight into life at Martha Stewart Living, as well as leaving a great corporate career to follow a passion.


Now, two podcasts that focus more broadly on the creative process.

Studio 360

You're correct, this is a public radio show; in fact it's one of the best public radio shows on the air. Unfortunately, in many markets, their timeslot is terrible (Philadelphia included—I wouldn't wake up at 7:00 a.m. on a Saturday if God himself stopped by for tea); that's why I'm including them on the podcast list. I find it to be a particularly good show for me—I'm a crafter, I'm not an artist by any stretch of the imagination—and this show has taught me a lot about art in an accessible manner.

The series Science and Creativity may particularly appeal to my fellow nerds.

The Accidental Creative

I'll bookend the discussion on creativity podcasts with the other site I contribute to. Todd Henry from The Accidental Creative podcast explores staying "prolific, brilliant, and healthy" over the long term. The tone of his podcast is more serious than the others I've highlighted above, but the advice is unmatched—practical, actionable, and inspiring. It has been one of the primary drivers to pull me and my writing out of a mythical dreamland (where I was a writer only in my head) and into the real world.

That I sit down in my chair every night to write is largely thanks to episode #194: Chasing Vapor. If you need a kick in the butt to get moving, this one's for you.

#205: Be Accidental: This is a good overview of the podcast.

If you are a manager of a creative team or if your job requires frequent problem-solving, this is a must-listen.

Todd's also got a book that I whole-heartedly recommend; hit up the Writing tab on this site for the series Becoming an Accidental Creative where I further discuss the impact the book has made on my creative process.


So there you go. Those are seven of my favorite podcasts that focus specifically on the creative process. Next Sunday: my favorite crafting podcasts. We'll talk before then...and you can always hit me up on Twitter. I'm still trying to catch up with all the lovely messages I've received since the Nerdist podcast—thank you, thank you all for being so kind!