Thursday Miscellany

My latest post is up over at Nerdist! Make Cool Stuff: Pixel Arts and Crafts

I've been sitting on a couple of those project examples for ages. I've been spending a bunch of time lately processing old notes in Devonthink (otherwise known as the tool that keeps my brain from overheating), and as I flipped through some of the old projects I've saved, the idea for tying back the crafts back to Seurat emerged.

Andrew is in New Hampshire on a backpacking trip with a couple of our friends from the hiking Meetup group. I'm only a bit jealous - I didn't want to use up the vacation days and I've had a lot of writing projects to work on lately. Besides, I get to see E on Saturday - it's only been about two years since we've seen each other! That's a lifetime given that we spent most of our *cough* years of college cruising around in Ezra, her Chevy Cavalier singing Queen at the top of our lungs. We were traveling at the speed of light.

Last night I fell into the same trap I always do when Andrew is gone for the night; I watched a scary movie, stayed up too late, and finally fell asleep an hour later with BBC radio on to keep me company. It never fails. I predict I won't get much sleep the next four nights. Hah!

How are you doing, friends?