Sunday Progress

What a wonderful weekend! I drove the Mustang down to DC Saturday for a quick visit with E, my college roommate. It's been about a year and a half since I last saw her, which just isn't acceptable! When I think about how we've gone from spending all our free time together to seeing each other for three hours every couple of years, it just makes my heart hurt.

But it was wonderful! I've always been drawn to her energy and confidence, and it's clear that hasn't changed. She was in from Wyoming for the Tim McGraw concert with a couple of girlfriends; the four of us had a great time laughing, shoe shopping, and being generally ridiculous. And that makes my heart sing.

It rain cats and kittens on the way home, but I didn't mind. You know why--I have a car that doesn't leak! Even better, I can see through the windshield when it rains! Rapturous applause for the Mustang! The rain was bad enough that I pulled over a rest stop in Maryland, but the iPod was fully loaded with podcasts, so I was a happy camper. (This episode of Craftcast was particularly good.)

I spent the rest of the weekend writing and trying to get my apartment in order. I'm continually rearranging my desk area. It's tiny, but it's where I spend most of my free time. Here's the latest iteration, complete with new whiteboard: 


*Sigh.* It hardly belongs on Apartment Therapy or the Lifehacker Workplace Flickr Pool, does it? At least I can find things, I have room to open up my notebook...and I have a place for a few of my Superman figures. We all know that's what really matters!