This Week in Awesome

Hi friends!

Thanks for your interest in the couple of reviews that I posted! I'll keep them coming - I love sharing stuff that works well. It's so easy to focus on the negative (oh, and I had a doozy of a poor customer service experience this week), that it's fun to talk about good products and good design.

Is that how "doozy" is spelled? Hang on, let me check...yep, although "doozie" is also acceptable.

Before I get back to reviews (more this week), I wanted to share a couple of things percolating out here in Philly. First of all, I'm working on a Projects page for the new site here, and this lead me to realize that I'm terrible about photographing my work! Here I'm supposed to know things about making stuff, but I've got very little documented proof of that. Andrew was a pip, though, and on Sunday I rounded up a bunch of neglected projects and he photographed them all. Here's my favorite photograph, probably because it's from my most recent project:


It's a crocheted necklace!

Details on how to make this necklace will be forthcoming within the current millenium. It was a lot of fun to break out the projects, and it's always encouraging to see evidence that yes, I do know how to make stuff and maybe perhaps I am qualified to write about it.

On to the writing! I'll be writing for another website! It's still in the process of becoming A Thing, but as soon as it is real, I'll let you know. I can barely contain my excitement, as this is going to require content that's a bit more mature than writing about sock folding robots for nerds.

But nerds, you know I less than three you. Always. <3

I worked the door at a wedding on Saturday and halfway through I popped upstairs to take some photographs that the sales team can use to show our space in party mode. The majority of our business is corporate/non-profit meetings, and sometimes it can be hard for people to envision the space as an option for social events. Here's a quick picture, straight out of the camera (SOOC) with no editing, so don't judge a girl too harshly:


The only other item of note is that Andrew used a Jedi mind trick on me about two weeks ago; as a result, I've started running again. I'm particularly satisfied that, on each outing, I've managed to run the entire distance. Running seems easier in the dark; not only have I had a chance to shake off any work-related fatigue, but also I feel less self-conscious when there are fewer cars driving by. When I go at night, I don't feel like anybody is watching me run. It's just me, my flashlight app, and Green Day playing at the "drown out the negative thoughts" setting.

Nothing has proved more conducive to my overall physical fitness than Green Day. Those boys deserve a medal.