Details, Details

I'm prepping a post for the Nerdist blog on a guy who loves the Muppets. He collected a specific line of Muppet toys that was to include the entire Muppet Show set. Sadly, the company went bankrupt before the line was finished and he was left without the main Muppet Show stage. Being a model maker and set designer, he decided to make his own:

Doesn't the detail boggle your mind? Each picture leaves me more and more impressed; the brick walls - made of concrete! The curtains function exactly like a proper stage curtain! Best of all, in my opinion, is the molding on the archway. I'm mesmerized by the love and care that went into this and I am so excited to talk to Lance about it.

What I wanted to share with you now, in advance, was a particular video clip from TED that keeps popping into my head as I look at Lance's work. It brings to mind Adam Savage - another model and prop maker - talking about his love of object and his quest to create an exact replica of the Maltese Falcon prop. What I love about this clip is how energized he is by the process of creation, so much so that the end result is secondary. Isn't it interesting that it's those process people, like Lance and Adam, that bring us truly fabulous end products?

You should see a video here. If you don't, reload. If that doesn't work, go here: