Structure and Discipline

Thanks, friends, for all the sweet words of encouragement over the last several days! I haven't really been in a position to get much feedback on my writing in the past, and so have greatly appreciated your warm reviews on the telling of my little adventure the other night. If you didn't see it, Todd put up a kind assessment of the night over on his site. It was a pleasure to be a small part of a big night in a stranger's - now a new friend's - life.

I posted on Sunday night about the crazy amount of information overload I've been imposing on myself lately. That's the most ridiculous part of all - it's completely voluntary - and a few of you have reinforced the idea that I am, in fact, crazy. True enough! In a good way, I hope, as I aspire one day to be the funny old lady in the grocery store that slips kids a piece of candy when Mom isn't looking. I still think that Google Reader is one of the greatest tools ever invented. If you regularly read more than three blogs a week (or check websites for new article updates), you should be using it. It's a simple and effective tool that will save you a lot of time; click here to learn how to get started. If you hit any snags, let me know and I'll be happy to help you get set up.

It started innocently enough - I thought I'd read a little bit about a bunch of different things - and so I organized things by topic. Now, though, that I've decided that me knowing stuff about internet-y things is going to be my schtick (and really has been my schtick for well on five years now), it's time to impose a little structure on my activities. Here it is:

Putting some restrictions - or guidelines, really - around when to read the different articles should help a bunch. I pruned out 12 feeds as well, but don't get too thrilled for me, as most of them were inactive.

Next up: purposely pruning pointless podcasts!