Make Cool Stuff Halloween Competition: Our Winner

Thanks so much to everybody that entered! It was so exciting to see new photos show up in the Flickr pool. You made my week tons of fun! And thanks to the lovely Emily and Mandy for your help! I didn't want to choose on my own.

Let's do a review of our entries! We have some crazy pumpkins:

The first entry I'll highlight has a literary flair: a Cthulhu pumpkin from our friend pixiepanther (a_lovecraft on Flickr). Look at those tentacles! Also, I think the red glow stick imbues it with an added eerieness, don't you agree?

This pumpkin is what inspired me to start the contest, as pixiepanther sent me a few photos of the work in progress. It made me so happy that I wanted to see more Halloween project photos. MORE! MUAHAHAHAHA!

*Ahem.* Sorry.

Next up, we have PhotoKnight77's Flame Pumpkins. I most love the expression on the pumpkin on the left—he's very suspicious of the two to his left. I picture him as a lackey who got in a bit over his head; a yes man who suddenly realizes he's about to face a federal prison sentence for doing what his boss told him.

Nick explains how to achieve this fiery look here. (Hint: accelerants are involved.)

Next, check out this candy corn-themed My Little Pony from sfd_art! She's very goth, don't you think? I want boots and a necklace like that! Also, check out sfd_art's (I'm sorry, darlin', I don't know your real name) other sculptures on Flickr. I love the Cinnamon Roll Mickey!

Now for our costume submission from Corey (@corforks), which is both adorable and yummy (contains Reese's Peanut Butter Cups—the best candy ever)! Look at the brick detail! I always like costumes of unusual or inanimate objects. It takes a little more imagination.

And now, friends, I present to you our winner! The lovely Emily and Mandy helped me make the choice, but I really wish I could give each submission a prize!

Walt Keegan's (@Avant1963) crazy Alien-themed haunted house blew all of our minds! The attention to detail on the chest-bursting alien truly rises to nerdy levels AND it incorporates electronics!

Frankly, it scares the heck outta me, and I think that's the point. Walt, if you ever make a Gremlins-themed haunted house, NEVER SEND ME PICTURES! I know they're cute, but the image of the nasty gremlins laughing haunted me for years.

Join me in congratulating all our friends for making fantastic Halloween projects! Remember, friends, keep making cool stuff and don't forget to share pictures!