#30DaysofGratitude: Giving Thanks for Family

Card number one is ready to go!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I hope you had the day you wanted, be it with friends, family, or a quiet snuggle under the covers with a good book.

We celebrated as we have since moving to Philly—New York Uncle came down on the train for a day of cooking and lazing about, but this year had an extra, high-octane treat: my aunt came in from Minnesota! This aunt and NY Uncle are two of my mom's siblings, absolute peas in a pod with my mom. My aunt is the only person I know who can out-talk me, and so the day was perfection itself. Yes, I added too much milk to the potatoes, but who cares? Not us. We ate, we laughed, we were our small but happy family.

I have so much gratitude for my family, for this life, and in particular, for this year.

Convenient, then, that today is the first day of my Thirty Days of Gratitude project! More than convenient—I would say perfect—that my uncle is here to spend this time with me. There is no person as deserving of my thanks than him. He has been a major pillar of support in my life these last five years, my only family member within a thousand miles.

More than a family member though; he has been a friend in the truest sense of the word. When I turn to him for advice, I know I will get the kind but unvarnished truth, free from the parental obligation to counsel. He has no expectations for me, only the wish that I live a good and happy life.

Over the course of this year, he has stepped in to fill the badly needed role of male role model, a position left vacant eleven years ago when my grandpa died. Even at 31, a girl still finds herself in need of some fatherly support from time-to-time, and he has filled in admirably. 

My decision to move from Minnesota to Philadelphia was grounded in fear, and I spent the previous four years focusing on all the things I gave up: visits with my friends and family, my preferred climate, the familiar comfort of home. My thinking shifted midway through this year, and I've begun to focus on all that I've gained since moving here.

The single biggest gain has been this friendship. I am truly grateful to have him in my life.


Thanks to all who have decided to join me on this project! I hope that you are finding the inspiration you need. Let me know how I can help, and if you need a push to get started, please reach out to me.