Podcast Recommendations: Comedy Part I

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You like to laugh, don't you? Podcasting is the perfect medium for stand-up comics to build their fan base, and it seems like there's a handful of established stand-ups starting podcasts each time I check iTunes.

This is by no means a comprehensive list—just three of my go-to favorites. (As we go through the list, don't forget the previously mentioned Nerdist podcast, WTF with Marc Maron, and Kevin Pollak's Chat show; all funny, all favorites.) 

I've broken this category up into two batches: Not Safe For Work and Safe for Work. Today, the NSFW. Best not to try unless your boss is really awesome. Prepare yourself to laugh inappropriately on public transportation.

The Smartest Man in the World with Greg Proops

Oh, kittens, I adore this show! In each live show, Greg expounds on about whatever topic comes to mind (frequently Greek and Roman history, movie starlets, and Satchel Paige). His stories are gloriously told with lots of detail. Expect him to get political; he's a liberal from San Francisco. I've listened to every episode multiple times, and each time I end up laughing like a lunatic.

The Pod F. Tompkast

Who makes me laugh out loud on the train more, Greg Proops or Paul F Tompkins? It's a toss-up. Paul is delightfully cracked; you get impressions of John Lithgow and the Cake Boss, clips from his live show (if you're in L.A., go see it!), stream-of-conscious rambling with piano music from Eban Schletter underneath. My favorite part of the show are his phone calls with Jen Kirkman. As with The Smartest Man, I've listened to each episode multiple times. IMPORTANT: listen to these in order, as there is a segment with a continuing storyline.

The Adam Carolla Podcast

This is the most radio-esque of the podcasts mentioned. It isn't my favorite, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Adam Carolla; as a teenager I spent 10:00 p.m. - midnight with my ear glued to the radio so that I could hear Loveline (my head was literally right up the radio; Mom would not have approved if she'd known the scandalous things I was listening to—but not to worry, I was a nerdy, highly virtuous little girl). The best episodes of the podcast, of course, are when Dr. Drew stops by. All who adore Dr. Drew, show your love!


The comedy podcast I'm most excited about but haven't listened to yet is Aisha Tyler's Girl on Guy. She was great on the Nerdist podcast #116 and I have no doubt her show is a killer. 

Do you agree with my choices? Disagree? Which are your favorite comedy podcasts? There are so many new ones out there, I'd love to know your go-to selections.

On Tuesday: comedy podcasts that are safe for work.


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