Make Cool Stuff Halloween Competition

Hi friends! How often am I telling you to make cool stuff? All the time, right? Well, enough talk! It's time for...

The 2011 Make Cool Stuff Halloween Competition!

The rules are simple: 

  • Take a picture of a Halloween item (costume, pumpkin, decoration, food item) that you made.
  • Upload it to
  • Please, no more than two entries per person (because sometimes your stuff is so cool that you can't pick just one!)
  • Enter by 9:00 p.m. EDT Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

Your entries will be reviewed and adored by me and two lovely ladies, Emily and Mandy*. We will pick a winner, using the following as our guide:

  • Is it handmade? (As in, not store-bought. Use of sewing machines, RepRaps, CNCs, power tools, etc. is legit...too legit to quit, hey hey!)
  • Is it Halloween-y?
  • Bonus: Is it nerdy?
  • Bonus: Did it make us laugh?
  • Mega-super-bonus: Did you write up a detailed tutorial and link to it in your Flickr picture description?

While all participants will win my undying affection, the winner of our little competition will also get a $50 gift card to either Target or Amazon (your choice) and a rockin' set of pirate notecards (20 large, 20 small, with envelopes) from JenniBick stationery.

Check out that sweet pirate booty!

We will announce the winner on Friday, November 4, 2011 on this blog—don't forget to check back to see if it is you!

*These ladies have serious maker-cred of their own! Check out Emily's Zombie Apocalypse Survival movie (for class credit, no less!) and Mandy's photography on her Tumblr.