Inspiration Everywhere

My latest post went up on the Nerdist blog last week, a big ole bucket of Halloween links. I adore Halloween, because it is the one time of year everybody seems to embrace a degree of creativity and playfulness. Even the most resistant souls seem to get into the spirit--I like to think of Halloween as a gateway to further creativity throughout the year. Try it and you'll get hooked!

Each year a close friend back home in Minnesota hosts a big Halloween party, and it feels sad to me to miss out on it. Each year has a theme; I get to see my friends throw their creativity into planning the decorations, the menu, the costumes. In short, it's everything I love and I miss it dearly.

But this year something wonderful happened! You happened, my lovely readers! At the end of the Nerdist post I asked people to send me photos of finished projects, and again this morning I sent out a tweet inviting folks to share their weekend projects. I was amazed at breadth of creativity, imagination, and the maker spirit I've seen from everyone in just three days! You sent me pictures of your carved pumpkins, your terrifying props for the haunted house, of Christmas ornaments, and sea creature figurines. The eye for detail has been especially impressive!

I miss home the most keenly on the holidays when I can't get back to Minnesota. I crave those face-to-face connections, but you've shown me another avenue to meaningful connection. It doesn't replace home, but it does replace some loneliness with wonderful inspiration.  Thank you, thank you, a thousand thank yous for sharing your creativity, your holiday with me. It absolutely warms my heart and fills me with inspiration to keep making, to keep writing, to keep finding fun projects to share with you.

I love you all, kittens!