Podcast Recommendations: Crafts

I have a challenge that needs your help. I intended to post this week about my favorite craft podcasts, but when I reviewed my iTunes list, I realized that ALL of them are on hiatus or haven't put out an episode in months, with no indication that they'll start recording. (This not including the two favorites I mentioned last week—wait, yes, it includes one of the two.)

Bummer! I hadn't really noticed (except for Sticks and String) because I have so many shows I listen to each week. It's easy to overlook.

This means I need recommendations from you! Which craft podcasts do you love? I'm crazy about all crafts (except scrapbooking—it really brings out OCD tendencies in me and I have trouble enjoying it).

I'll still mention one show, as he's only on hiatus:

Sticks and String with David Reidy

This this the Australian knitting podcast I mentioned on the Nerdist. David's accent is absolutely mesmerizing, and hearing about the reversed seasons of the Southern Hemisphere—like Christmas in summer—never gets old. David talks about regular life; his knitting, his job as a schoolteacher, and periodically gives glimpses of nerdy little hobbies (which I love to hear about). I've learned so much about Australia from the little bits he includes—apparently Sydney has GIANT BATS—and consequently the Blue Mountains are at the top of my travel wish list.

Most episodes include an essay, a bit of music, and a recommendation of some sort. Periodically he will interview sheep farmers or wool producers.

David's on hiatus right now to care for his mother, but there are plenty (166!) back episodes, all worth a listen.