Weekly Inspiration


Here are nine pieces of inspiration to close out the week. Happy weekend, and I'll have podcast recommendations on Sunday.

Practical Advice

From Letters of Note, advice from Warren Buffet's grandfather on having a ready cash reserve.

From Lifehacker, tips for keeping your computer safe from theft.

Inspirational Advice

From Chris Brogan, the best advice I've heard in weeks: "Believe in you hard."

From The Art of Non-Conformity, a reminder to be grateful for your life's opportunities.

From Jeff Goins, why self-leadership makes all the difference.

These Brought Tears to My Eyes

From Letters of Note, a letter from a dying father to his son.

From Letters of Note, hilarious proof that creative writing can pay the bills (or at least eliminate one).

A Little Absurdity Goes a Long Way

From Safety Graphic Fun, advice of the proper use of stairs.

From Catasters, the creepiest image of the week.


Photo by Andrew, used with permission