I Celebrate Christmas with Clay!

Now that it appears we've fixed our WordPress problems, I've got some catching up to do. I posted our Christmas/New Year's card on Facebook a few weeks ago:

We've never done a Christmas card before. I've had a few false starts in the past, purchasing cards and writing in a few before the enormity of the process overwhelms me. Hand-writing all those cards, tracking down the addresses, making sure I don't forget anyone...I just haven't managed to get it all together in the past. I've wanted to do something, though, and I've wanted it to be fun for both me and the reader.

My favorite television show on the air is Community. It has everything I want, a great ensemble cast, cutting satire, and intelligent humor. I can go on at length about the show, but all that's germane to today's story is that each episode is themed to a greater or lesser degree. For season two's Christmas episode, they broke out the clay a la Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I'd been excited for the episode since Dan Harmon's first tweet about the premise back in October. When they put up a few previews in early December, I knew we had our Christmas card theme.

Now, our video is no great feat of animation, but it was fun to try a new craft and I think we did pretty well for our first crack at it. I relied heavily on video tutorials from one particular YouTube user, Jonathan Lopez, to learn how to make our little clay Andrew and Mindy. He doesn't seem to have embedding enabled on his videos, so just click on his name above to go to his YouTube page. His tutorials are excellent and I look forward to trying this again.

Oh, one super-awesome note: Chris Hardwick watched the video! He called it rad!