Something Good This Way Comes

We haven't solved the photo uploading problem yet. Of course, I use the term "we" quite loosely. Andrew's spent some time working on a solution, while I have taken the "wait and maybe it'll sort itself out" approach. So far neither of us have succeeded, so who's to say that I don't have the right strategy?

I have lots of lovely snaps to share with you, so I'll tease them just a bit. I made a giant maroon flower pin inspired by the creations that I cannot afford and have been wearing it for the last two weeks straight, alternating between my winter coat and a variety of cardigans. I wage war with cardigans and long-sleeved shirts every winter. I believe that sleeves should end level with the tip of my thumb. I want plenty of fabric to account for the inevitable shrinkage over time, but what I end up with are sleeves that end two inches shy of reaching my wrist. What the smurf, man?

I am trying, yet again, to stop swearing. I have a filthy mouth for such a nice young woman.  As the uncouth language comes out of my mouth, I hear my grandma saying "a lady only swears when she has nothing better to say." The cold turkey approach to quitting never seems to work. Assessing fines for each swear doesn't work because I don't carry cash. My latest, two-phased, plan to kick the habit is probably my most ridiculous. Phase one: replace every swear with "smurf." Are you smurfing kidding me? What the smurf? I don't give a smurfing smurf. That way I still get the satisfaction of saying something. Phase two: realize I sound like an idiot and stop saying "smurf." This whole convoluted plan was inspired by this photo on Wil Wheaton Dot Net.

I also have photos of a scarf and hat that I made, photos of our lovely Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin cake. Awesome Uncle comes for Thanksgiving every year and we spend a nice, low-key weekend sifting through ads for sales we won't shop, eating, and watching oodles of television. This year Andrew and I raised the ante by purchasing a new LED flat screen television to replace the seven-year-old CRT. The new television screen is so big, and our living room is so small, that we end up sitting just a little too close. I'm not sure if it's the proximity or just the huge jump in quality, but Andrew and I have suddenly become huge tv watchers. HD cooking shows are particularly mesmerizing - the view of the food is even closer than in real life.

Last weekend we were busy working on a secret project. I hope to post the link by the end of the weekend. It was time-consuming and the payoff may be tiny, but I'm ever so proud of myself. More to follow, oh four readers of mine.

Christmas is fast approaching, bringing with it the best present of all - a visit home. I can't wait to see my family and to pick up a new car from a friend who needs to get a Familymobile. Buying the car from him is a win all the way around; he sells his car with no hassle and I buy a used car that has been treated with great care. Did I mention seeing family and friends? Winwinwinwinwin!

One last note: the title of this post comes from a wonderful Jakob Dylan album called Seeing Things. We listen to Sirius satellite radio at work and back in the summer of 2008 they had "Something Good This Way Comes" in heavy rotation. I loved it and bought the album after careful consideration (I buy one, maybe two albums a year). I can't seem to describe it (I keep deleting my attempts at description), but it's wonderful. Spare and haunting and I love it.