Apartments, Then and Now

I couldn't get photos to properly upload yesterday. Here are the shots of our apartments that I had intended to include. First, the old apartment:

Upon arriving home from backpacking, we found each room looking like this - everything piled high with industrial fans running to dry out the place. We had to step outside to hold conversations.

We lost a lot of books. Here's Nonlinear Control and Analytic Mechanics...of Mold!

The damage to Drive was my personal biggest bummer in the book department - it was an autographed copy! I kept it but it is not pretty.

Of all the things that got damaged, this one was the funniest. Yes, Gwen, that's your tape. I, uh, guess I won't be returning it (about a decade after borrowing it). If it's hard to read, that is a copy of They Might Be Giants Flood.

On to the new apartment! I don't have too many pictures because we haven't been here long, but you can see it in the background of these ones. Now that we've cleaned it up (after these pictures), I can take some more photos over the holiday. We took these while experimenting with the new wide-angle lens.

Andrew's half of our living room desk, kitchen and bathroom in background

Take that, Batman! Kitchen, living room, and pile of yarn visible in background

My half of the desk, from above

Finally, Andrew turns our living room into an HDR wonderland.