Earrings Organization

Since we've moved into the current apartment, I've had a lot less room to organize my jewelry. My earrings, in particular, were in a terrible state of disarray. For the first three months they were strewn across a windowsill. When Andrew got sick of that method, I came up with this disaster, with the earrings hanging on an old white ribbon:

I didn't like it. Even though it's hanging behind the closet door, I still wanted it to look pretty. Enter &erson and her post my (DIY) earring holder. I loved it, so last night I threw together my version:

It's so much better! I had the materials on hand - a skirt hanger and a 20-cent piece of craft felt. I want to get a nice wooden hanger like hers for a more polished look, but overall I think it is a vast improvement.

Go check out &erson's blog here: http://melissaanderson.tumblr.com/. She's got some really cute posts.